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Asarna's Arme originated on Midgard Percival in the early days of DAoC. When the servers were merged into Ywain, we merged with them. Our Guild House is on Ywain 9.

We're a family-friendly, English-speaking, fun-loving guild. While our player base is mostly from the U.S., we also have folks from the U.K., Sweden, Germany, um...one from Hong Kong, a Canadian or two, and even some folks from France. We have folks from other places, too: I can't keep track.

We have folks who RvR a lot, others who tend to PvE more, and some who sit back, eat bacon, and make sarcastic comments for no apparent reason. It's a game, and we try to err on the side of having fun.


Custom art by C. Wilson Trull.

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