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Our Alliance has an RvR BG daily starting at 7pm Eastern Time (4pm Pacific). It normally runs about three hours, but can go shorter on slow days, and longer on days with extra action (or weekends).

  • You need to be level 50 to participate.
  • Teamspeak 3 is a requirement

  • If you're level 49 and trying to get some RPs for your BG title, announce that. That's cool, if we know why you're with us.

    Teamspeak 3 info is in the /social alliance tab, and at the end of /gc info. Do NOT give the Teamspeak 3 info to anyone. You can tell people it's in the /social alliance tab. Likewise, do not give out the BG password to anyone, except in /as or /gu. This is an alliance BG. If an exception is made and someone outside the alliance is running with us, the BG leader will give them the info.

    NOTE: On rare occasion Xy will make the BG public to help defend, etc. On those occasions, do not give out the Teamspeak 3 info.

    Because this is run every day, we want everyone to be on the same page as everyone else. Please read through the following before joining the /as RvR BG.

    Be Prepared, Before You Join the BG:

    You MUST be able to perma-sprint. Typically this means Long Wind 1 and level 30 invig pots. It can also mean Long Wind 1 and the Endo Myth. Or, if you're playing a Shammy, you have Red End and don't need Long Wind or pots, or a myth.... Yes, every group should have a shammy, but if your shammy is dead, afk, or your group doesn't have one, you need to be able to keep up.

    You must be able to breath underwater without anyone else's help. Yes, typically a sojourner will cast water breath in your group, but what if they're dead or you get rezzed underwater, etc.? This is on YOU.

    If you need power, have power pots. Yes, your Pac Healer will PoM you. But, if they're dead, you just got rezzed, it's the heat of battle and they can't cast it, YOU need to have a pot up.

    Be in alliance Teamspeak 3 (TS3). Can't be in TS3? Honestly, go patrol Odin's with Lyrn or do some PvE, etc. Directions change. If you zig when we zag because Xyorman calls an audible in TS3, it could lead to an epic fail. TS3 is a REQUIREMENT. You must be able to listen, bonus if you can talk (to announce Incoming West Albs, etc.). What? I already mentioned this before? I'm saying it again, because it's that important.

    Do bring siege. War Rams, Fortified Rams, Siege Tents, heavy sharpened bolts (for pali's). Put a couple on your horse and in your /bank, in case we need it. Bear's Guide to Siege Warfare is a good reference if you're looking to help out with siege.

    In the BG, when we're organizing:

    Do be ready to go at 4pm Pacific (7pm Eastern). Don't log in at 4pm, and expect to have time to go buy pots, etc. Be ready to go. Can't get on until a half hour or hour later? No worries. You'll be able to catch up, we'll have a port opened, etc. Just try not to hold us up when we get started.

    Missing a pot, etc.? Announce right away in the BG. Many of us have extra on our bots.

    If you're ready-to-go when we start at 4pm Pacific Time (7PM Eastern), please don't announce LFG in BG over-and-over (and over-and-over...). It's redundant. It can take 5-10 minutes to get the groups together, and the group leaders can use /bg groups to see who's solo, and what class they are. When Xy asks someone to start a new group, feel free to start a new group. Start an hour late? That's the time to announce LFG in BG. Feel free to say "Hi, LFG" in the BG when you join it ("/bc Hi..."), so we can stop talking about you behind your back. =P

    NOTE: Most groups have Two Healers (one Pac, one Aug), One Skald, and One Shammy as the base, then DPS. Want to get in a group? Play a support class. You won't need to every night, but it's appreciated if you can play one when needed.

    OTHER NOTE: It may take running with us a few times before you get snatched into a group right away. You will get a group, regardless (assuming room). But, folks will invite folks they know first (typically). Ask Oouch. He joined us, had fun after waiting a few minutes to get invited to group, and after a week or so he started being snatched up really quickly.

    This is an ALLIANCE BG. There are a few people from outside the alliance that join us because they've been running with us for years or have alts in the alliance and are known. However, we do NOT invite people from outside the alliance without first running it by Xy. The reason our BG is successful--when it is--is because folks know how we roll. Bring in folks from the outside (some of whom don't have TS3, etc.) and we have a lot more failures. If there is another BG running (TSK, etc.), then Xy is coordinating with them. If there isn't another BG running and we need mids to join us to defend a relic, etc., Xy will make the BG public.

    Make a macro to target Xyorman, and stick him when it's time to move. If he's out of stick range, face him first and run towards him. Sometimes you'll want to stick your skald or group leader, but you'll need to be able to find Xy when we rally.

    /macro XY /target Xyorman

    If you don't have a bot, please ask your group (or BG) who can buff you before we get rolling. Waiting until we're leaving from Bled to ask who can buff you, is just frustrating for everyone.

    Default tactics and expectations:

    We assist, as a BG. Do know how to make an assist macro, and use it (sometimes we have just one MA, sometimes one caster MA and one melee MA). Ask in BG before we head out, if the MA isn't announced.

    /macro NAME /assist name

    NOTE: You may want to make an assist macro for Xy, too, as he'll sometimes yell out targets (especially if main MA is dead).

    /macro XXY /assist xyorman

    If you're a skald and want to float/interrupt, that's cool. Just pay attention 'cause we use CC, so there's no need to interrupt a healer with Zzzzzz over their heads.... But, if we're having issues with people not assisting, please set an example and assist.

    If you're rooted, the MA is out of range, etc. you may not be able to assist, and we know that. But, do everything you can to assist. We know you're not going to assist if you're peeling pets off your caster, just make sure you communicate with your group (or BG, as appropriate) what you're doing.

    Do NOT kill guards until expressly asked to in TS3. We may have just taken 14 towers in a row, where we were told to IMMEDIATELY kill guards. Well, guess what? Tower #15 may be the one we need to be stealthy about and wait until there are flames. Do NOT kill guards, until told to. Guard hitting you? Let him. Someone will mez it or root it.

    (Oh, Pac Healers....do NOT STUN guards unless we are actively killing them. Guard hitting you? Let your group know, announce it in TS3, mez it, root it, do not stun it.)

    Do not have on a damage shield. Why not? We can't root a guard off you, if that guard can just hit you to break the root.

    Do know when to AoE, and when not to AoE. If you're not sure, don't. We're defending a tower, and the enemy is pouring up to the floor we're defending? AoE. We meet the enemy in open field? Single-target, don't break mezzes, until Hammers, Spears, etc. are called for. If we're hitting zerg in open field, we may AoE for interrupts rather than CC. Just pay attention in TS3, and all will be well.

    Do announce your AFKs. We'll get several chances per hour at a tower or keep for quick AFKs.

    Do not use Crystal Titans unless you know how to release them (bring up pet window, select the CT, then RELEASE), and do not use them unless specifically asked. If you put up a CT in a stupid place (like the roof of a tower, or entrance of a keep), you can WIPE our BG.

    Pay attention in TS3 and /bg.

    Expect to die. We will wipe. Several times. It happens.

    If you need a LOOP, announce right away in TS3. No mic? Announce right away in BG. Small loops, no biggie. Big loops just get everyone cranky. Don't announce in group: announce in BG.

    You die because you misunderstood directions, didn't hear 'm, thought the BG was going North and they actually went South, decided to chase down one Alb that led you to a group, etc. It happens. If mistakes or misunderstandings lead you to rage log, then the /as RvR BG is not for you.

    Don't feel that the BG leader's frustration is aimed at you. If you killed a guard before it's time, broke CC with AoE rather than assisting in open field, then, okay, maybe it is aimed at least in part at you. Learn from the mistake, move on. Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes the frustration expressed in TS3 (by whomever) is because the other BGs coordinating with us decided to run, rather than support. Or, someone didn't realize your whole group got rooted, and couldn't **whatever**. Often, the frustrated tones are simply due to the BG leader trying to give directions over people chatting in TS3. Keep the chat in the BG, and out of TS3....

    Know your role:

    Healers, heal, cure nearsigt/mez and cast field bases as needed. Pac healers mezz, stun, amnesia. Aug healers cast field specs (AF/Haste), resists, and celerity in battle. Healers also cast waterbreath (sojo), and mass gateway port when needed (also, sojo).

    Shammy has end pulse up, and resists up at all times. Cure disease, cure nearsight, and field buffs are your primary support duties. Power font when and where healers call for it. Let your healers heal. You can heal when folks on a ram, healers down, etc. Disease and buff shear are your primary duties to hinder enemies. Single-target DoT and root is great as needed. If you have some cave, AoE DoT/root is good in some situations (do not break CC!). Shammy Guide has more info.

    Skald has speed up. A skald doesn't run resists (they overwrite champ resists), and doesn't run Power Regen song (doesn't allow PoM to be cast, and if your song is higher level than the other people's PoM or Pot, then you cancel their PoM/pot). Don't even have resists or Power song on your hotbar. And, have SoS ready to go.

    Tanks assist the main MA, hit Speed Warps as they run by 'm, and run siege (get on that ram, folks!). Don't forget to float Protect to help peel guards off healers (or whomever). Coordinate Guard with other tanks to cover whomever needs it.

    Casters assist the main MA (or Caster MA if there is one), and AoE as is called for. Speed Warps as needed, etc. When we're at keeps and towers, look UP: suppress the walls and windows, protect those on the ram from Tics, etc. And, as mentioned before, CT smartly, when called for, and release your CT when guards are dead or it's time to Wilson.

    And, please, for the love of Odin--do NOT cast on enemy at max range in the open field! Get up close enough to hug 'm, then start nuking. Otherwise, they can get away.

    Note on Storms/Traps/ST:

    If we trap a mile gate, we trap away from it (usually stack on Xy). Do Not put up storms if we're trapping a mile gate. We trap the gate to know when the enemy goes through it, and storms just announce our presence.

    If storms are called for, coordinate. And, don't put up storms in a tower if we are being stealthy (not moving/casting) to try and entice an enemy in.

    Static Tempest is an AWESOME tool, when used correctly. You don't ST PvE (guards/tower captains, etc.). Save your ST for when we need it to break up a Hib farm, for when we're defending a tower/keep, etc. If we're bombing an Alb BG outside a keep, of course ST 'm.

    Death will happen. Mistakes will happen. So what? It's a game. Have fun!


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