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Below: Amber Heard as Alfhild.
Okay, as Thor (or Lady Thor)

Alfhild of Percival: Co-GM of Asarna's Arme
I began playing DAoC shortly after launch. I saw a video on the web of a Thane casting hammers on some mobs, and thought it was just about the coolest thing ever. I had a Thane named Brazen: I forget which server he was on. Loved those hammers. By the time I got him to about level 30, I found some friends at work who were playing on Midgard Percival, so I opted to start fresh there.

Being a role-play server, I wanted to do things right. I did a search for "Viking" on behindthename.com, and the first hit that wasn't taken was Alfhild. So, Alfhild became my Thane on Percival.

Back then, battlegrounds only went to level 35, and after that there was just the frontier. I spent most of my time in the frontier from 35 on. Lyrn from Asarna's Arme saw me helping out some Mids who got jumped by some stealthers on the way to Fens, and invited me into his group. I remember Kalra being in that first group, but I don't remember who else was there. We RvR'd for several hours. Afterwards, Lyrn invited me into Asarna's Arme. The reason I remember Kalra being there, was she made a few smart comments about Lyrn inviting someone so quickly to the guild.

Back then, you only got RPs when you were alive. No porting to keeps, though a Corpse Summoner was available in some circumstances. Back then, I was on dial up (as were most folks). Back then, honor was everything, and most stealthers didn't zerg (some did…), and many stealthers were prone to fun, respectful /hugs after kills (opposed to the /rude and /rofl's that tend to happen now when five stealthers take out a solo and think that's impressive). I remember if we had several people with 10k RPs in a week, that was a good week (now, that's an okay hour).

Alfhild didn't spend much time in E-main, like most RvR folks did. Instead, she defended Midgard. Mile Gate fights were sometimes epic, usually frequent, and always fun.

Some of Alfhild's claim to fame:

  • Alfhild never suicided.
  • Alfhild was RR5 before she was level 50. (Which with the amount of exp. you get for killing enemies now I doubt would be possible without /xp off, even though you get a lot more RPs nowadays).
  • Alfhild was the first Dragon Foe on Tintengal. Yes, Dahd missed one raid that week. Did close to 100 dragon raids before they started keeping track.
  • She walked (walked, not ran) from the Alb Mile Gate to SF without armor, without weapon or shield (all in backpack) at level 40. Twice. Yes, it was a dare….

Official duties:

  • Peel Lyrn off trees.
Other duties:
  • Maintain website and forums. (Including creating forum accounts for folks, by request)
  • Update guild ranks.
  • Update guild house permissions.
  • Run RvR groups/BG. PvE groups/BGs as needed.
  • Extensive knowledge of Dragon, ML10, and Day-drinking.
  • Keep things fun.

Special Skills:

  • Sarcasm.
  • Creating templates.

Things I tend to do:

  • Crafting (LGM everything).
  • Make potions for guild house.
  • Pass along drama to Lyrn when I can, 'cause Homey don't play that.

Notes/Trivia on some of Alfhild's Alts:

Asarna- Kobby Skald. At the point I'd created Asarna, I had already leveled up a half-dozen other toons to level 50. I was struggling trying to find a suitable name. After going through a dozen names, I tried "Asarna," thinking there was no way someone else hadn't picked the name. To my surprise, I was able to get the name.

Kallysto- Kobby RM. Kallysto was originally a Norse berserker back on Percival. Her name was based on Callisto from Xena. Yes, I'm that kind of geek. I deleted the 'zerker because I really wanted an RM (Oje looked like he was having fun), and I had name-camped every slot on Percival (pre-Tintengal Cluster), so I had to delete a toon to make room for my RM, and Kallysto was re-born.

Bryck- Troll BD. Bryck was the second toon I leveled to 50, and was created for the sole purpose of farming stuff for Alf and the guild. Originally, his name was Gravestone, named after a Troll Shadowknight I had on Tarew Marr in EQ. But, the Percival Police thought that wasn't an appropriate Role-Playing name. I argued that I was friends with many Trolls whose lineage went back to the days of King Arthur, and Gravestone was a fairly common Troll name. They didn't buy it. I offered a half-dozen alternatives to Gravestone, and the Powers-That-Be allowed Bryck. Back-in-the-day, Bryck would solo Fire Island for Blackened Wraps, etc. This is back when you actually had to do ML steps, and this was ML1.1. When Bryck was farming, groups would come to do the trial. At first, I would step back, and let folks do it. But, they would take longer, some would wipe or didn't understand the strategy, and eventually I'd just tell folks to let me group with them while I solo'd the step for them. Bryck got this ML step done for literally hundreds of Mids.

Myja and Mhja- Frosty Shammy and Valk. These two are twin sisters. At one point, I had them equipped to look nearly identical: Eirene's Hauberk, Cyclops Shield, etc. I would actually run the Shammy in a group for an hour or so, and when the tank-trains of the day would start looking for her (we sucked and wiped a lot), I would switch the Shammy out for the Valk.

While I don't know how much frustration this ever caused for any foes--I sure got a kick out of it, but I think I confused more Mids than Albs or Hibs. Myja is now my shammy bot.

Other level 50 alts:
  • Wharja- Norse Healer
  • Putrify- Frosty Shammy
  • Granite- Troll Berserker
  • Adrianja- Norse SM
  • Buffja- Kobby Warrior
  • Magenta- Kobby Savage
  • Kaster- Kobby Mauler
  • Flynx- Frosty Warlock
  • Phocas- Norse Hunter
  • Tyrja- Norse SB
  • Valrkyrja- Healer bot
  • Bjartr- Kobby Shaman (retired from RvR)
Thor Girl (just 'cause):



Custom art by C. Wilson Trull.

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