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Guild Charter:

Asarna's Arme began on Midgard Percival. Dozens--if not hundreds--of other guilds have fallen while we have remained. Part of our success comes from a set of values and guidelines that govern our guild. We strive to be unified with fellow guildmates and other good Mids we meet on the field of battle. In regards to being able to communicate with each other, we are an English-speaking guild. As with any successful guild, member participation is at the core of what binds us together. Below are some of our guild values, goals, policies and guidelines.

Guild Mission Statement:

We are a community of friends. DAoC is a game, and the main goal should be to have fun. While everyone has an off day and at times the odd argument arises, 'easy going' should rule the day. You'll want to be able to display a mature attitude and a sense of humor in the game, to remain as drama-free as possible, and maximize the potential for fun. Friendship and fun: that's what we're about.

For many, the main end game in DAoC is Frontier Realm vs. Realm. But, level 50 RvR isn't the whole game. Some of us have fun in Thid, Molvik, CV, etc. Some folks prefer PvE and spend most of their time there, and that's great! Even for those whose focus is RvR, PvE is needed to gear up for RvR. Whatever you enjoy doing, we've got a place for you.

PvE supports RvR, as does leveling up, farming items or plat to build templates, crafting, eating bacon, drinking ale, chasing...wait, I got distracted there at the end. Having fun. Making a difference in RvR. Supporting each other and Midgard--that is our mission.(Queue Led Zeppelin's The Immigrant Song.)

Standards of Conduct:


  • Members may not use cheats or exploits.
  • When participating in raids, be sure to pay attention to the BG leader, and adhere to their loot rules, etc.
  • When participating in RvR, be sure to pay attention to BG leader and group leader so you know if you are to kill gaurds, leave guards alone, etc. It is not just your reputation at risk, but the guild's. Mistakes happen, so be sure to freely apologize and forgive as the case may be, but let's try to minimize mistakes.


  • Group with guildies as often as possible to help form friendships within the guild. Next, group with those in our alliance to help forge the bonds within our alliance.
  • Pay attention, especially in RvR. If you're not able to concentrate because you're making dinner/babysitting, etc., may be a good time to solo.
  • If you need to go AFK, let your group know. If it will be an extended AFK, let your group know and give 'm the option of letting you disband so they can replace you.
  • When grouping with potential recruits, be sure to let any Asarna's Arme officers know if you think the recruit has potential for the guild.


  • Cross-realming will not be tolerated. With the introduction of Ywain, anyone who has toons on all three realms doesn't have a choice but to play on the same frontier when they play their Albs or Hibs. That isn't cross-realming. We define cross-realming as logging into one realm to gather intel, then logging into another realm to share that intel. This isn't restricted to logging into the game, but includes Team Speak, forums, calling your friend, or even playing in the same room as your Alb buddy. Now, we're not saying you can't play in the same room as your Alb buddy: you can. You just can't give him information about what Mid is up to, and you can't share with Mid information from him about what Alb is up to. Kapish?


  • While we understand there may be an ocassional excited utterance in Team Speak, etc., but we ask that language used be kept as family-friendly as possible. If you're someone who says F-this, F-that, Holy S-, what a B- as just part of the way you talk, this may not be the guild for you. If you can refrain from using that in /gu, /as, (etc.) Team Speak, or just listen in Team Speak, great! Profanity, and explicit sexual content will not be tolerated.
  • Also, we're not big on dude speak. It's annoying. While LOL and other phrases have now become the norm, please don't TEXT in /gu.
  • Keep really raunchy off-color (dirty, etc.) jokes to /g and /cg's, etc. IF the people you're with are okay with them. Keep them out of /gu and /as. Remember, family-friendly. Think PG-13 or prime time television.

    Behavior: Don't Be a Jerk.

  • We all rib our friends in good-natured ways, and that's fine. If another Mid makes a mistake, it's not the end of the world, and there's no need to berate him or her.
  • Seriously: if you die and tend to yell at the healers, etc., then this guild isn't for you. Healers heal. If you die, it's because they couldn't heal because they were stunned, had a pet-train on them, etc., you ran out-of-range, or mistakes happened. Play nice.
  • If you have a friendly word of advice or encouragement, be sure to phrase it as such. Again, DAoC is a game.
  • You're representing the guild while interacting with others, so please be respectful. This include not spam emoting enemies. Have you ever been spam emoted where it made you feel bad, or made you think the person spam emoting you was superior to you in any way? Or, rather, did it merely make you think, 'wow, what a tool that dude is....' (Did I emphasize the "spam" portion enough?--no one is saying don't emote, but spam-emoting should be avoided.) With that said, if there's a stealther who's spam /rude'd you several times and you finally better him, feel free to spam /hug or /kiss him. Because, that's just good comedy.

Core Rules:


  • When we recruit someone into the guild, we're looking at the person, not the toon. It's fine if you're a Regular Joe looking for a few hours of fun, or a hardcore player: we have room for both, and everyone in-between.
  • That being said, if you have an alt that's a known Cross-Realmer or loot-stealer, look elsewhere for a guild.
  • "I let my friend use my account, and he did it." Unless there are extenuating circumstances, that doesn't fly.

    Play Style

  • No certain style of play is mandatory. If you're into PvE or RvR, or like to Role Play, you're welcome in our guild, and we won't tolerate those who overly mock those who have different play styles. Friendly ribbing is fine, though. =P
  • An exception is Call To Arms, where able-bodied level 50's are expected to assist.


  • Those chosen for leadership have demonstrated an ability and desire to help their fellow Mid. This may be in the form of starting groups consistenty in RvR, answering questions thoughtfully in /gu and /advice, and/or offering to help those in need in other areas.

Guild Ranks and promotion chart:

Officers have all full member rights, and can invite people to the guild.
Full members can wear guild emblem and use the alliance channel (/as), and level 50 full members can claim keeps/towers.
Probationary members can use the guild chat channel (/gu), but cannot wear guild emblem.
  • 0. Overlord- Guild Master (GM).
  • 1. Warlord- highest Officer rank.
  • 2. Brigadier- promotion from Sergeant at Arms.
  • 3. Sergeant at Arms- first officer rank.
    Level 50: Full Members
  • 4. Elite Guardian- highest full member rank.
  • 5. Proven Guardian- promotion from guardian.
  • 6. Guardian- first level 50 full member rank.
    Non-level 50: Full Members
  • 7. Future Guardian- This is used for any full member who is leveling up.
  • 8. Battleground Guardian- This is used for a full member parked in a battleground (thid, etc.)
  • 9. Thrall- Someone new to guild, who hasn't yet read and agreed to this charter. Has access to guild chat, but not alliance chat: cannot wear guild emblem.

Custom art by C. Wilson Trull.

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