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The next patch will balance all classes and remove all bugs.  Also, Alfhild is selling BB, cheap....

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Author Topic: Guide of Shadows - Discussion.  (Read 1565 times)


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Guide of Shadows - Discussion.
« on: August 17, 2013, 09:56:00 am »

So, this forum wouldn't let me arrange multiple Sticky topics, and keep their order the way I wanted 'm.  (Intro at top, then part 1, then part 2...).  So, I got 'm where I wanted 'm, and locked them so the order will stay the same.  Feel free to post any discussion on the guide here, or in a new thread!

<fades into the shadows>

Alfhild- thane (co-gm)
  • Kallysto- RM
  • Asarna- Skald
  • Bryck- BD
  • Mhja- Valk
  • Wharja- Healer
  • Putrify- Sham

  • Granite-Zerk
  • Adrianja- SM
  • Buffja- WAR
  • Magenta- Sav
  • Kaster- Maul
  • Flynx - Warlock

  • Phocas- Hunter
  • Tyrja- SB
  • Bjartr- Sham (retired)
  • Myja-Sham Bot
  • Valrkyrja- Heal Bot
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