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Title: RvR Shammy Guide (Part One)
Post by: Alfhild on August 14, 2011, 12:53:26 am
Shammy Alliance BG RvR Guide:
With apologies, almost, to Sanger's Guide to World Domination (for healers).

Race doesnít matter!  Really.  Well, okay: donít pick Troll.  Trolls are big and easy to target, and thatís something you donít want as a support class.  Pick what race you want (except troll) and donít worry or whine about the grass being greener had you only picked the race with 10-more-this, or 5-more-that.

If you've already selected a Troll for your RvR Shammy, consider deletion.  Okay, don't if he's RR10....  But, really, a troll?  I guess if you have a shape-change toy or two, you'll be almost okay.  (Troll Shammy...Scalars, AT to swap in, for shape changing!)

You want 101 Dex and Pie if you can get it, and at least 75 Con--preferably more.  +400 HP is always nice.  Casting Speed and Spell Range at 10 are great to have. Arcane Siphoning is nice, as is a decent power pool. I like having +25 Buff Enhancement in my template. Some folks will swap out items to get that--go for it if that's your style. Me? Shammy is so busy, that needing to swap items in the heat of a tower siege means at times I'll have the wrong items on for the task at hand. (So, I have +25 in my template.) Full resists are nice, but if you can get over 20, youíre good.  Really.  Of course my RvR Shammyís templateís lowest resist is 26, but thatís me.  I donít have a lot of toys in my template that I use much, Ďcause Iím too busy with other things to use my toys.  I still havenít levelled up my Staff of God to use the Ichor cast yet....

Egg of Youth is a must.  Even if you run around with Atlantis Tablet so you can be a lilí gator, you need an EoY for the big keep battles to rez your buddies.

Bracer of Zo.  Minions can be fun, as can be Bedazzlement.

Staff of God.  Ichor cast.

2-handed Bruiser.  Hey, help knock down the doors!


Spec ONE: Aug/Cave
43 Aug/32 Cave seems to be the sweet spot.  You get red end and end chant (42), and red Fire Resist and Dexterity Mangle (AoE Dex shear) at 43. 
Focus Shell (41) can also be very handy.

You get Weed Field (AoE root) at 31.  You donít get Jack at 32, but donít worry about that--just go 43 Aug/32 Cave.  (Training in mend as a Shammy is a waste.)

Some people will argue other Aug/Cave specs that are within a half-dozen points of 43/32.  Try Ďm out if you want.  Respecing is easy.

And, go Perfector.  Why?  Iíll tell you later.

In terms of field buffing, if you have +25 in your template to Buff Enhancement, youíll only be 5 points off max for buffs with this spec.  So, instead of your just-rezzed buddy having +155 from buffs for STR/CON, theyíll only have +150.  They will only notice because theyíll see a yellow buff icon instead of a red.  If they cry, have them look at their stats, and wait for the ďWow!  Good Field Buffs! 

Spec TWO: All Aug! (or, 48 Aug....)

This spec ROCKS!

Okay, this may mean youíre a buff bot that has a template, and RvR when no one else wants to play a Shammy.  You can do the support things mentioned above, really, really well.  When it comes to annoying the enemy, you can shear really well, and use baseline everything else.  And, you get Focus Shell (41) which can be nice in many situations.

So, still shear and disease (maybe root) to annoy, then cure disease/poison/nearsight, cast resists, cast AoE specs during battle, and regular specs after (for those who want).

Spec THREE: All (or mostly) Cave--46 is the norm for a Cave Shammy Spec)
This isn't the guide for you.  Really.  You're Ranged DPS that specializes in DoTs and Disease and such.  So, okay, use the "annoy" version of the guide, I guess, but instead of shears (which you don't have), DD/Bolt/DoT, etc.

Spec FOUR: Mending Spec
Just role a healer.  Yes, you could go 41 Mend to have a good single-target heal (549), group heal (level 36, 223), and have enough left over to have some good Cave, or okay Aug (yellow resists, some shears, yada, yada).  But, really: most groups have two healers, so just say no.

Your role in RVR?  Two-fold: Support your team, and hinder your enemies.

Support your group:
Buffs.  Let people use bots.  Your buffs are for when they die in the field. Usually youíll do specs (STR/CON, DEX/QUI, and Brain for Casters) and a healer can do bases (STR, CON, DEX).

Now, you donít need +25 buff enhancement in your template for buffs.  You could have a couple items to swap in when you buff.  Just donít forget to swap items appropriately!

Concentration note: Did you know that your Yellow Bases for STR, CON and DEX are just as strong as your Red Bases IF you have +25 buff enhancement?  It's true! Save yourself some concentration, and use Yellow Bases!  Alas, you'll still need to cast Red Brain. So, when you do need to cast bases in the field 'cause your healer is out-of-conc., etc., cast yellow STR/CON/DEX!  (If aug spec, you can cast red brain and str/con, but can get away with yellow dex/qui and still be at max buffage.  Coolness.)

And, in tower battles and keep sieges where your comrades are dying left-and-right and getting rezzed, cast your AoE buffs. Don't wait to be asked.  Got a second to spare between disease and shear because the dirty Albs are regrouping?  Cast your AoE buffs. 

Run End chant.  If a tank or hybrid wants hard endo, give it to them. if a non-tank, non-hybrid wants Endo, then theyíre someone who usually plays a tank, thinks they need it, and you can tell them youíre out-of-conc.  Or, give it to Ďm so they donít whine.

Resists.  Keep the group's resists up.  Cast 'm when you start, cast 'm every time you hit water (just so you don't forget).  Just rez someone?  Cast 'm again.  Bored?  Casts resists.  Keep 'm up.  (That's what she said....)

Cure Disease.  This is one reason you go Perfector--Purging Wave.  If you see one or more person on your team with an orange name in the group window, hit Purging Wave.  Twice.  Healers are too busy healing--YOU need to cure disease.

Cure Nearsight. Someoneís name is purple?  Purify Senses.  Yet another reason to go Perfector.  Again, Healerís are busy, YOU need to cure nearsight.

Cure Rez Sickness.  Just rez a Healer?  Restore The Soul (Perfector, yet again!).  It's on a timer, so use it where it makes since.  (So, save it to use it on a healer, preferably Wharja.)

Heal.  Donít do it!  Okay, Iím not saying never heal.  If the healers in your group died, you can try to heal, but 4-outta-5 times youíre better off trying to rez your healers than keep anyone up.  I can't count the number of times I've been in a tower defense with my healer, and the group Shammy is standing next to me spamming baseline group heal the whole fight.  Really?  Half the team gets diseased, he's still spamming group heal.  Really?  WHY?  Purging Wave, and let the healers heal.  Then, get your butt to where the action is, and start diseasing and buff-shearing the bad guys. "Oh, but I'm helping the healers with my baseline group heal."  No, you're not.  Do your job to help the healers.  "But, I'll get more RPs by healing."  No, you won't. One single buff shear (one of your jobs) will earn you more RPs than healing for five minutes straight with your cute little base-line heals.  In fact, a Shammy who shears will EASILY out RP anyone in the group.

Oh, and the one time out of five it's okay to heal is usually just after you've egg'd and you want to get the recently-rezzed HP up a bit.

Power fonts.  If weíre camping a tower--for example--there should be a power font on the floor weíre defending for the casters and hybrids, and a power font on the floor above for the healers.  Coordinate with others on this, so we donít end up with 6 power fonts on one floor, and none on the others.

Heal font.  This is for PvE.  In RvR we have something called Healers.

Other fonts.  Yes, Determination Field, Dissonating Ward: good stuff.  But, cast one of those and you canít cast a Power Font.  Again, coordinate, see what people want.  If you donít have time to coordinate, put up a Power Font.

Annoy your enemy.

In the following discussions, just remember: annoying your enemy is less important than supporting your team.  I know itís tempting to start spamming AoE Dots when the enemy is in a tight little bundle, but if doing so means youíre breaking mezzes, then you suck.

How to annoy your enemy.

Disease them.  No one likes to be diseased!

Buff shears rock.  Enemies pouring into a keep and your team is casing AoE damage like mad--throw in some AoE shears.  If the enemy ends up dying after you shear him, you get decent RPs from it.

If theyíre running away, root them.  If some silly RM or Thane breaks your root, disease and DoT them (the enemy, not the silly RM or Thane...).

DD/Bolt.  Yes, you have Fungal Ichor (DD) and Fungal Needle (bolt).  Usually, you're better off with your DoT or other annoyances.  But, when the four group BG finds a lone stealther, you can try to outcast the RM next to you for the Deathblow.  Good luck with that.  You can also DD/Bolt when suppressing walls.  But, again, DoT probably better unless there's only one guy up there, and you've already DoTT'd 'm.

Title: Re: RvR Shammy Guide (Part One, Rough Draft)
Post by: Alfhild on August 14, 2011, 01:17:52 am
I'll be adding info on RAs, looking for typo's and ommisions over the next week or so.  I couldn't sleep tonight, so I figured I'd bang this out.  The plan is to have something like this for every type of toon, and all common specs.
Title: Re: RvR Shammy Guide (Part One, Rough Draft)
Post by: Samarus on August 14, 2011, 11:52:30 am
this is sadly what i normally see in a of late

pac healer...runs in little circles waiting to die once all enemies are immune to stun/mezz

aug healer...casts haste on inc and tries to heal until dead..not very long

shammy...runs endo chant and dies on inc

skald ...nuked down

melee trying to tank down the tanks till he gets stun/nuked

tanks that are more than rank3 end up with all the casters and tanks on him while his caster dps has wilsoned away long ago..
any of this sound familiar? I post this out of frustration and thanx to Alf for attempting to snap a few others out of their insanity..this game is too easy to play if you dont over think it and blame the other guy for your inability to play your toon...Oh and by tha way...your going to die sooner or later...probably every run..but so do they so get over it....being slaughtered is completely different to a good fight
Title: Re: RvR Shammy Guide (Part One, Rough Draft)
Post by: Alfhild on August 14, 2011, 01:02:40 pm
And, Sam, like I mentioned (or was planning to mention, I forget what I wrote 'cause it was late) I think we should do guides for all classes.  They don't all have to be sarcastic for comic relief, that's just the way I write. 

And, and, it's loosely on the style of Sanger's Guide to World domination that he wrote for Sonja years back.  Of course, that's when running one healer in a group was the norm and he suggested tri-spec, which doesn't work as well as it once did.....
Title: Re: RvR Shammy Guide (Part One, Rough Draft)
Post by: Nitynity on August 17, 2011, 10:37:25 am
lol thanks for the info, still not sure what spec im going to run once i get him temped, thanks again for the temp kally :)