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Author Topic: Guide of Shadows - INTRODUCTION -  (Read 1862 times)


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Guide of Shadows - INTRODUCTION -
« on: February 12, 2013, 04:00:18 am »


I am writing this guide hoping to help / encourage new and returning Shadowblades alike getting acquainted with the class / updated items / changes. Shadowblade is possibly one of the hardest classes to play in the game, takes a lot of commitment, work and skill to play properly. We dont have high survival or crazy burst damage (with the exception of PA) if using only given skill set, even less so if not using those properly either. Therefore our success depends a lot on CL / ML abilities, usable items, potions, charges, good procs on template and extremely good usage of our poisons, unlike most other classes who can just get by using their given skillset.

Learning what items to go for, which spec for which playstyle, what CL's, what poisons in which situations, which potions when, which charges, the list goes on... can be intimidating and alas without getting those right, you are not killing anything. I will try to have you take a shortcut by providing basic and advanced knowledge regarding every aspect of a Blade so that your character does not deceive you.

A little about me: by no means I claim to be a good SB (yet ;) ), however I am a good gamer with over 15 years of PvP experience (since Ultima Online). I understand game mechanics, and am one of those formula / theorycraft / gamemath type gamer. Started playing Daoc in 2001 or so (Former Hibbie from Prydwen with some good toons, including a Ns), I have quit about 6 years ago and recently came back with another former hibbie friend, starting from scratch we built up Xiang and Tzuh in about a week. Not finding any templates I like anywhere, made my own template. We got geared up and started as RR1 duo shadowblades in New Frontiers, not knowing spots, skills, CL's, procs, pots, getting ganked by stealth groups, zerged by stealth hunting full groups with stealth lore, we had horrible time for about a week. Everyday we checked forums, websites for info to see what we were doing wrong, found some of the good info on web -unfortunately all in separate places- , found out most important stuff by the hard way, I believe we have managed to sort everything out. Only after that, playing the Blade has become fun. We were patient enough to get through all the frustration, most people arent. I intend to save you frustration due to lack of knowledge, the rest is in your hands.

The Guide will consist of 5 parts:

-Guide of Shadows - PART I - STARTING YOUR BLADE (Beginner)

Race Selection . Stats Explained . Skills Explained . Leveling & Basic Gear . Specs for Leveling . Congratulations on 50

-Guide of Shadows - PART II - POLISHING YOUR BLADE (Getting Ready for RvR)

Speccing 50 . Master Levels . Champion Levels . Armor Reactives & Procs . Item Uses . Templating

-Guide of Shadows - PART III - USING YOUR BLADE (Basic RvR)

Melee Styles . Skills & Abilities . Potions . Poisons . Item Abilities . Realm Abilities . Buffing Up

-Guide of Shadows - PART IV - ROCKING YOUR BLADE (Intermediate RvR)

Advanced Melee Styles . Advanced Potions . Advanced Poisons . Charges . Timing Item Abilities . Basic Hunting

-Guide of Shadows - PART V - EXTREME BLADE (Advanced RvR)

Master of Melee . Master of Poisons . Mythirians . Assassination in Keeps . Hunting . Using Obstacles . Playstyle

The guide will take time to finish, I will write part by part in my free times and be adding / updating as I see fit. I welcome any and all additions as well as criticism.

Hoping you enjoy the guide,


Xiang, Shadowblade


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Re: Guide of Shadows - INTRODUCTION -
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2013, 05:20:40 am »

look forward to the info


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Re: Guide of Shadows - INTRODUCTION -
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2013, 09:53:02 am »

Posting this, to set it to the top....

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